Cheesecake & Tiramisu

We are proud to reveal our non-alcoholic Tiramisu, an elegant and rich layered Italian dessert made to perfection with halal rum-like flavors. The range of non-alcoholic Tiramisu in the western market usually discounts the rum taste. However, ours is special.

Our Cheesecakes are of local recipes made with imported cream cheese from New Zealand. With various flavors to choose from, our consumers usually enjoy the rich but light sensation that leaves them asking for more.


What better way is there to satiate your love for everything chocolate than to indulge in our specially made Brownie Bear? We have carefully formulated the perfect recipe that pays homage to the classic brownie taste while also retaining all its nutritional benefits. Chocolatey, healthy and hearty, guaranteed.


Do you remember the fruitcake your grandma used to make? That’s exactly what Deja Vuu Fruitcake is; fresh out-of-the-oven fruitcake made from selected mix of dried fruits, nuts, and spices. We are happy to inform you that we managed to preserve all the flavours while maintaining its halal status. Given their rich nature, this appetizing dessert can be enjoyed on its own or even with a cup of hot tea.


A pinch of Asian flavours are added to our Lasagne to give it a little kick! The delicious combination of juicy tomatoes mixed together with freshly ground meat in between layers of melted cheese and pasta will surely leave you wanting more. Rich, flavourful, and absolutely heavenly. What’s best about our Lasagne is that it’s quick and easy to serve; just heat it and eat it!

Shepherd's Pie

Having a bad day? Too tired to get dinner? Say hello to your new ready-to-eat comfort food, our classic Shepherd’s Pie! It’s made from 100% real potato, meat, milk, and spices. Worry not, there’s no artificial flavouring, just warm natural goodness that would make you feel better in no time. The perfect mood-booster.

Durian Cakes

Originated from Malaysia, our product includes a range of flavours with the King of Fruits, the Durian. Our recipes for the Durian Cheesecake and Durian Pound Cake uses the best of durian breads in the farms, the Musang King. For durian fans, our durian range is a must have!

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